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What is the Dots911 project all about?

Take a Look at the Dots911 Video Dots911 is three interconnected products: a mobile signal strength and navigation app, a cloud-hosted map database, and a hardware signal enhancer.   Unlike me-too alternative mapping products, Dots911 offers truly unique functionality with direct world-changing utility. The Maps1 App is fun, but it could also easily save your life. 1.       The mobile app collects signal strength and other parameter data as a function of the user's latitude and longitude. This creates a map for the user, showing the shortest navigable path back to a location with a good mobile phone signal.   The fact that these are navigable paths, not just a series of signal strength data points, is critically important because it means a user can follow a path dataset of colored dots to a useable signal along safe roads, trails, or other routes with no obstructions.   No competitive product offers these features, which we own through granted patents, and which

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