What is the Dots911 project all about?

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Dots911 is three interconnected products: a mobile signal strength and navigation app, a cloud-hosted map database, and a hardware signal enhancer.  Unlike me-too alternative mapping products, Dots911 offers truly unique functionality with direct world-changing utility.

The Maps1 App is fun, but it could also easily save your life.

1.     The mobile app collects signal strength and other parameter data as a function of the user's latitude and longitude. This creates a map for the user, showing the shortest navigable path back to a location with a good mobile phone signal.  The fact that these are navigable paths, not just a series of signal strength data points, is critically important because it means a user can follow a path dataset of colored dots to a useable signal along safe roads, trails, or other routes with no obstructions.  No competitive product offers these features, which we own through granted patents, and which enable a user in an emergency to pull out a phone and walk directly to the nearest location with a useable signal along a guaranteed-safe route.

App Installation Instructional Detail Video

2.     The cloud-hosted map database is a collection of data collected by the mobile app and a map layer interface well-suited for value-adding inclusion as a layer in existing commercial mapping software, enabling collection and dissemination of these data.  No online signal mapping competitor offers point-based or navigable path-based data and our patented path selection method is superior in efficacy and clarity to any existing path selection interface in any software for any type of sequential location-based data.
The website can show stories of how people navigated using the dots to hopefully convert a bad scenario to a mere inconvenience, and not be part of a tragic news broadcast. 

3.        The hardware signal enhancer is a unique low cost, lightweight, portable, directional device that is simpler and more portable than any other effective signal enhancer on the market, which synergizes with the signal and navigation app by enabling mobile service in locations with extremely poor or no signal when using only a phone’s internal hardware.  Previous signal enhancers have either been active, requiring powered hardware or fraudulent.  Ours is neither, and unlike most historical signal enhancers, it works with any phone without requiring any physical port.
We’re interested in exclusively licensing our technology to a platform owner who can implement it as part of a mapping platform with a large existing user base.  If you license our products and IP portfolio, you’ll have a unique competitive advantage over your competitors that will likely save hundreds to thousands of lives per year in the United States alone, resulting in unbeatable publicity advantages over rival mapping platforms and mobile device manufacturers.  Please contact us for discussion.

contact JRW@dots911.com